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Based on the responses gathered from more than 1000 students (as of April 2004) on the SSM1205 eModule survey, we report the following:


More than 29,000 students have completed the eModule since it was launched in August 2003


Majority of the students (70%) prefer to learn the contents of this module via the current E-Learning model and see it as an effective medium


80-90% find that the audio/video narration given by the lecturers makes the lesson interesting


Almost 90% of our students would recommend this eModule to other University students


Nearly 85% students would like other modules to be offered in a similar format

The detailed statistics report can be viewed here.

Along with the many words of encouragement and positive responses from staff of other Departments and Faculties, the Provost and Vice-Provost themselves have commented favorably on the eModule.

Prof. Chong Chi Tat - Provost:
"Thanks to all. This is great work!" (23 August 2003)

Prof. Ivan Png - Vice-Provost:
"It would be good to showcase this module. The Department and CIT have done a superb job." (19 August 2003)

"I just completed Lesson 3 (and scored 4/5 on the assessment). I want to say how superb your lesson was. Again, it confirms my original guess that this module will be a model of pedagogy for our University." (16 August 2003)


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