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In developing eModules, such as SSM1205, we use a Learning Object framework to structure the subject matter. A typical eModule would comprise of a number of Lessons. Each Lesson would consist of its Objectives, Synopsis, Content, Assessment and Conclusion. If required, a Final Assessment can also be included when the student completes all the Lessons.

The Content section within a Lesson is broken down into granular Topics where along with the information; we also have an audio/video of the lecturer highlighting important points about the topic.

The eModule Framework
The eModule Framework for SSM1205 - The Nation's Health: Lessons from SARS

In addition, each lesson and/or the eModule can be linked to an accompanying Discussion Forum where students can exchange views with their peers and lecturers to facilitate asynchronous communication.

Every eModule also comes with a student survey form to collect feedback for analysis on the performance of the module. An example of the statistics that we have collected for SSM1205 can be seen here.


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