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The development process for building the SSM1205 eModule is as shown in the flowchart below. Please note that this is just one of the many ways we can construct an eModule.

The eModule Production Workflow
The eModule Production Workflow

Stage 1 - Content Preparation:
Existing module content will be analyzed and restructured to fit into the eModule framework. As described earlier, the module will be broken down into a number of Lessons. Each Lesson will comprise of the Topics covered along with its Objectives, Synopsis, optional Assessment and Conclusion. Once you ready with the raw content, narration that you would be giving on each Topic will be scripted.

Stage 2 - Video Recording of Lecturer:
Using the facilities at the CIT Studio, we will record the video of your narration for each Topic. By using the teleprompter to read out the narration, you will be able to put more emphasis on your delivery rather than on speaking extempore. Sufficient time will be given to rehearse and make you feel comfortable.

Stage 3 - Audio/Video Post-Production:
Video footage will now be edited and segments related to each Topic will be produced. This way we will be able to easily update any video segment if required at a later date by re-recording that specific portion only.

Stage 4 - Designing Lesson Web Pages:
Using the content provided by you in Stage 1, HTML web pages for each Lesson will be designed based on the eModule template. These pages can be enhanced with instructional multimedia add-ons as described in the next section. Updating or editing these web pages will also be carried out by us as and when you see the need.

Stage 5 - Integration of Lessons:
As the Lesson pages get completed, we can include links to Discussion Forums and Assessments if you require it. The Forum and Assessment will be created in IVLE and you will be able to monitor them through IVLE as well.

Stage 6 - Deployment:
Once a thorough testing of the eModule has been completed to your satisfaction, the link to this website will be included in your IVLE module outline.

The Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) workflow will be iterative and ongoing through all these Stages and will require your approval as each Stage is executed.

A screenshot of the completed eModule is shown below:

eModule Screenshot
Screenshot of the SSM1205 eModule interface along with the Lesson contents

To view this eModule, please visit:


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