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We would like to offer you 4 types of eModules for your consideration:

1. eMTotal
This is an eModule that has the entire module delivered online. All lectures and associated content will be designed into the eModule framework and offered to the students via the Internet. Only tutorials will need to be conducted offline if you see the need.
Estimated development time: 8 months

2. eMBreeze
In case you wish to or have already converted sufficient content using Macromedia Breeze, we can work with you in integrating these presentations into the eModule framework. This option would be suitable if you would like to design the content by yourself without the video element.
Estimated development time: 5 months

3. eMSlice
If your module has portions that could be delivered online, then this option would be appropriate for you. We will work with you in converting the identified lectures/content into a scalable design that will allow you to add more module lessons if required at a later stage.
Estimated development time: 3 months

4. eMPilot
Are you curious to know if this model will work for your module and students? Try it out with one or two lectures to test it with your students. Based on the feedback received you could then take a clearer decision to proceed further.
Estimated development time: 2 weeks

* Please note that the development time frames stated are subject to the scope of work involved.


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