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Imagine a scenario in your classroom where you are trying to demonstrate a principle using an interactive software simulation. At best you would probably be able to show your students how it works and give them a web link to the resource that they could visit after class. It would not be physically possible to have each student try it out by themselves to understand the functionality.

Now in the eModule environment, your students can get to use this application while you teach them the theories behind it. Embedding the simulation within your content pages will enable the student to play with the application, refer to your video for guidance, repeatedly do this till they are satisfied and thereby control the learning process.

Among many add-ons that you can include with your Topic content, we have listed a few below for your consideration:

Simulation-based Activities
Interactive Visualizations
Audio/Video Demonstrations
Instructional Games
Web Resources
Project Group Tools
Discussion Forums
Chat Rooms
Workbin for Assignments and Student Submissions

* Please note that development of add-ons will be considered separately from that of producing the eModule.


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